Q&A Claudia Klat

Claudia Klat, Spin, Q&A

Born in Zurich, Claudia currently resides in London, where she is Design Director, and partner of Spin Studio. Claudia works alongside SPIN founder, Tony Brook and the team on identities, books, marketing campaigns, motion graphics, packaging and websites. Her personal experience includes projects for the BBC, Crafts Council, Dig Delve, Ministry of Sound, Proa Foundation, University for the Creative Arts, and Wallpaper magazine.

Typographic experimentation is an essential part of the SPIN studios practice. Playful expressions blending the analogue with the digital, making ‘conceptual lettering’. Hybrid type forms that spring from conceptual conceits. The studios aesthetic brings together the rigorous, the refined and the irreverent in a search for new surprising letterforms. The outputs of this process can be seen in an occasional journal published by Unit Editions – SPIN: Adventures in Typography.

Q&A David Berlow

David Berlow Typenetwork, 2018 Q&A

After an education in art history and fine arts, David Berlow entered the type industry in 1978 as a letter designer for Mergenthaler, Linotype, Stempel, and Haas type foundries. He joined the newly formed digital type supplier, Bitstream, Inc. In 1982, where he eventually worked in the type, type marketing and type technology departments. After Berlow left Bitstream in 1989, he founded The Font Bureau, Inc. with Roger Black. Font Bureau has since grown to a small company participating in more than 500 custom and OEM font, projects and in a retail font business for desktop and web, now as part of Type Network Inc. Berlow is a member of ATypI, the Society of Type Aficionados, and works from his home studio in Massachusetts as a type designer, type design manager, font software advocate and marketing enthusiast. He is an owner and board member of Font Bureau and of Type Network Inc.

Q&A François Rappo


François Rappo is a graphic designer, who started type design in 1998. His portfolio includes projects for The New York Times Magazine, ICA Institute of Contemporary Art London, Apple, Basel Art Fair. François Rappo received the Jan-Tschichold award in 2013. He teaches type and graphic design at ECAL Ecole cantonale dart de Lausanne, and also has published writing on typography and type design. From 2001 till 2007 François was head of the jury of The Most Beautiful Swiss Books competition.

Q&A Morag Myerscough


Morag’s mantra is “make happy those who are near and those who are far will come”. Morag lives in London and has been fascinated by how colour, pattern and words can change urban environments and peoples perceptions of spaces into places. From schools and hospitals to cultural hubs and town centres Morag transforms public spaces by creating engaging experiences for everyone.

Q&A Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer

Today we’re hearing from award-winning graphic and type designer, Laura Meseguer. Based in Amsterdam, Laura works on projects involving custom lettering, and type design, for branding and publishing design. She has her own type foundry, Type-Ø-Tones, as well as an online store, Tipofino, and has written a book, TypoMag. Typography in Magazines, as well as co-authoring the book, Cómo crear tipografías. Del Boceto a la pantalla.

Q&A Rejane Dal Bello

typeparis18 Q&A rejane dale bello

Today we’re hearing from award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, Rejane Dal Bello. Rejane was born in Rio de Janeiro, studied for a time in New York under Milton Glaser, and now lives in London. Her graphic design studio specialises in brand identity, illustration, and editorial for national and international clients focusing on the Corporate, Cultural & Non-Profit sectors. Rejane is regularly featured in international publications, gives workshops and lectures around the world, and is creative editor of UPO magazine (FR).

Q&A Albert-Jan Pool

Albert Jan Pool

I was blown away by Albert-Jan’s fascinating talk about legibility on Tuesday night at #tptalks17. His academic and research-based approach to type design is refreshing, and you feel excited about the possibilities of our industry when listening to him. Enjoy hearing more from Albert-Jan in this interview.

Q&A Camille Gallet

Camille Gallet

We are joined today by graphic designer, author and teacher, Camille Gallet. Camille is co-founder of Atelier Trois studio with Cécile Boyer and Emmanuel Pevny. Atelier Trois produces lovely work. It was very nice of her to give some time to answering some questions.

Week #3 Digitising letterforms and exploring new design spaces

2017 typeparis17 weekly-3

Week #3 was a wonderful week for many reasons, but a highlight for me was welcoming Xavier Dupré back to the classroom for a second year! Xavier is one of our core instructors, and his input is concise, pointed and backed by many years of experience and successful typeface releases. Welcome back, Xavier. The attendees’… Read more

Q&A Màrio Feliciano

Mario Feliciano

It was an honour and a pleasure to welcome Mário into the classroom on Tuesday. He is a super nice guy, friendly, funny and critiqued the attendees’ work honestly and insightfully. Mário is a accomplished type designer, and his work has strong ties to historical models, with his own interpretation over the top, which has made for a body of work with depth and integrity.

Week #2 Foundation for the personal typeface project

typeparis17 week 2

Week #2 was a big one! The pace has really started to pick up. We had a great time at the second #tptalks event, hearing Agnès Dahan & Mário Feliciano speak. Later in the week we visited the beautiful Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal. Monday 26th began with exploration of the design space—an exercise which is a… Read more

Q&A Agnès Dahan

Agnes Dahan

If you’re not yet familiar with Agnès Dahan’s work, go to her website now and check it out. I don’t mind, I’ll wait. Beautiful, right? Agnès is an independent art director, and founded a studio in 2004 specialising in publishing and visual identity, in the fields of design, photography, contemporary art and the performing arts.

Week #1 From writing calligraphy to drawing type

typeparis17, weekly 1

And just like that, TypeParis 2017 has begun! On Monday 19th June, the new attendees arrived at ECV to meet their primary instructors for the course, Jean François Porchez, Julien Priez, and later, Mathieu Réguer. They received their swag bags, name tags, and quickly greeted one another before diving into the first day’s content. Later… Read more

Q&A François Morel


Today we chat with François Morel, a talented graphic designer and sign painter who cut his teeth on illegal graffiti in the 90’s. This guy has a really interesting history, and a huge body of work. We had the great pleasure of hearing him speak at TypeTalks this week, and it was a treat to hear about his life and work. Now let’s hear a little more…

Q&A Marina Chaccur

2017 typeparis17 QA Marina Chaccur

It’s my pleasure to welcome our very first Q&A interviewee for TypeParis17: Marina Chaccur! Marina is a well trained and highly skilled lettering artist and designer—take a look at her lovely work here. I hope you enjoying reading through her interview.

Q&A Xavier Dupré

Xavier Dupré

We have a wonderful group of speakers and guests sharing with us this year at TypeParis. We wanted to find out a little more about each of them, so came up with a series of questions which they have generously taken the time to answer. We have the great privilege this week of hearing from… Read more

Week 05: It’s been a fantastic 5 weeks!


I’m writing this as I sit at Boot Cafe in Le Marais with my wife Laura and daughter Isla – relaxing properly for the first time in 5 weeks! I’m sure the other attendees are doing much the same thing, as we all celebrate having graduated from TypeParis16. It’s been a fantastic 5 weeks. We… Read more

Q&A Sessions: Élise Muchir & Franklin Desclouds, Des Signes

QA sessions elise muchir franklin desclouds des signes

We have a wonderful group of speakers and guests sharing with us this year at TypeParis. We wanted to find out a little more about each of them, so came up with a series of questions which they have generously taken the time to answer. I have really enjoyed getting to know Élise and Franklin’s… Read more

Q&A Sessions: Indra Kupferschmid


We have a wonderful group of speakers and guests sharing with us this year at TypeParis. We wanted to find out a little more about each of them, so came up with a series of questions which they have generously taken the time to answer. Our first Q&A is with Indra Kupferschmid, a freelance typographer,… Read more