H5 + Jeremy Tankard

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Le Tank
22 bis Rue des Taillandiers
75011, Paris, France

Ludovic Houplain & Rachel Cazadamont: H5, will present recent H5 amazing projects and Jeremy Tankard, type designer, will explain in details his design process, presenting projetcs like Pembroke. A unique moment to discover their lastest projects.

The TypeParis evening Talks (in english) open its doors at 19:00 at le Tank, Paris.

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Each Wednesday: two speakers + one facilitator

Each attendee will receive a free tote-bag full of goodies: type specimens, brochures, note-book, stickers and so on! Sponsors corners, Type&Paris type design program attendees meet up, and various attractions planned, as well as dishes and drinks.

Our Talks will be given in English (by our international guests speakers) as they will be livestream. Meanwhile, as the TypeParis Talks are organized in Paris, France, most of attendees will be Parisians. Le Français sera largement employé par les participants lors de l’inscription et des échanges nombreux durant la soirée.


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H5 — Ludovic Houplain & Rachel Cazadamont

Ludovic Houplain & Rachel Cazadamont, H5, France.: Watch their #tptalks15

Jeremy Tankard

Jeremy Tankard, Jeremy Tankard Typography, UK: Watch his #tptalks15

Ludovic Houplain & Rachel Cazadamont

Ludovic Houplain & Rachel Cazadamont

Speakers, 2015

Ludovic Houplain studied at ESAG Penninghen where he meet Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. Then together with Etienne de Crécy, they launched H5 in 1996. Their early projects are intrinsically connected to the French Touch emergence.
Rachel Cazadamont graduated from Beaux-Arts de Valence is a graphic designer, art director, designer, illustrator, she is H5 member since 1999.

In its nearly twenty years of existence, H5 simply defies definition, cultivating its pioneering artistic identity above all. Its multidisciplinary view of creation revolves around one distinctive feature: the jubilation of playing with the rules.

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Jeremy Tankard

Jeremy Tankard

Critics, Speakers, 2015

Since graduating at the Royal College of Art Jeremy has gained a worldwide reputation for the high quality and unique designs of his typefaces. He initially worked with major consultancies, advising and creating typography for some of the best known international brand names. When Jeremy Tankard Typography was established in 1998, the idea was to design new typefaces and offer a service for typographic design to suit clients own requirements.

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Véronique Marrier

Véronique Marrier

Facilitators, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022

Véronique Marrier managed 90_degrés from 1996 to 2000, the first gallery dedicated to graphic design in France. She co-founded the Alliance française des designers and contributed to F7 association that organized from 2003 to 2010 graphic designers talks in Paris. In 2003, she worked for the Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme in Chaumont.
Since 2008, she is the project manager for graphic design at the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) and editorial manager of Graphisme en France.

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