Helena Ichbiah + Peter Bilak

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Le Tank
22 bis Rue des Taillandiers
75011, Paris, France

On Wednesday 6 July 2016, at Le Tank: Helena Ichbiah + Peter Bilak. Facilitator: Gilles Poplin.

The TypeParis evening Talks (in english) open its doors at 19:00 at le Tank, Paris.

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Each Wednesday: two speakers + one facilitator

This is a free event but the venue is limited to 130 people. After this limit, you will be added to the waiting list, and your entry will not be fully guaranteed. Our Talks will be given in English (by our international guests speakers) as they will be livestream. Meanwhile, as the #tptalks16 are organized in Paris, France, most of attendees will be Parisians. Le Français sera largement employé par les participants lors de l’inscription et des échanges nombreux durant la soirée.


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Helena Ichbiah

Watch her talk online.

Peter Bilak

Watch his talk online.

Helena Ichbiah

Helena Ichbiah

Speakers, 2016

A firm fixture on the contemporary graphic design scene, Ich&Kar are known for their witty, prolific work. Paying particular attention to the meaning and relevance of their work, the duo made of Helena Ichbiah and Piotr Karczewski willingly switch between graphics and design. Ich&Kar explore all means of expression without ever forgetting the splash of humour and sincerity that features in all their work.

The duo interpret each project in a formal, direct language to reveal its essence. Merrily navigating the luxury and consumer worlds, Ich&Kar have developed a remarkably rich, distinctive style. Today, their designs can be seen in our homes and cities, sharing our everyday lives.

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Peter Bilak

Peter Bilak

Critics, Speakers, 2016

Peter Biľak was born in Czechoslovakia and lives in the Netherlands. He works in the field of editorial, graphic, and type design. He teaches at the Type & Media postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Started Typotheque in 1999, Dot Dot Dot in 2000, Indian Type Foundry in 2009, Works That Work magazine in 2012, and Fontstand, in 2015.

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Gilles Poplin

Gilles Poplin

Facilitators, 2016

Independent designer since his degree under the direction of Roman Cieślewicz, Gilles Poplin is an art director and typeface designer. He commutes between brand identity and editorial design (broadcast, magazine and interface design). He founded his studio based on this expertise and by gathering around him the array of skills he met during fifteen years. His interest in typography and typeface design is a key feature in his vision of graphic design.

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