Maria Montes

Thursday 4 July 2019

Le Tank
22 bis Rue des Taillandiers
75011, Paris, France

On Thursday 4 July 2019, at Le Tank: Maria Montes. Facilitator: Ruggero Magrì. This is a linked event, any registration for one of the speakers gives you access to the other talk without additional registration.

The TypeParis evening Talks (in english) open its doors at 19:00 at le Tank, Paris.

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Our free talks open to the public will include two speakers: graphic designer as well as the weekly #typeparis19 international guest critic. The venue is limited to 130 people, after this limit, you will be added to the waiting list, and your entry will not be fully guaranteed. Our Talks will be given in English, no livestream, but available videos at a later date. Being present on the spot is the best way to miss nothing. Meanwhile, as the #tptalks19 are organized in Paris, France, most of attendees will be Parisians. Le Français sera largement employé par les participants lors de l’inscription et des échanges nombreux durant la soirée.


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Workshop Nº6 Glyphs Secrets. Glyphs core team Georg Seifert and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer (who speaks French) will show you Glyphs Secrets at TypeParis! Special offer valid until 29th June 2019: €100

Maria Montes

Maria Montes

Speakers, 2019

Melbourne-based designer and artist Maria Montes is passionate about illustration and letterforms. Her artworks are based on ideas, where the process becomes vital as it explains the design rationale behind each piece. Maria finds inspiration in the community around her, and strength in the reciprocal support of other women. She creates intricate, nostalgic and downright FUN lettering and illustrations out of her studio in Fitzroy, where she also runs workshops teaching others the art of writing. In 2018, Maria released commercially Green Fairy, a seven-style chromatic font family highly ornamented for display purposes.

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Ruggero Magrì

Ruggero Magrì

Facilitators, 2019

Ruggero Magrì studied graphic design and art direction at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. During those years, he developed an interest in typography, which led him to pursue courses in calligraphy, lettering and type design. In 2018, he attended the TypeParis intensive course, receiving a certificate with distinction for his project, Cimer. In 2019 he worked as a type designer at Typofonderie and he won the SOTA Catalyst Award.

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