Nick Misani

Thursday 13 June 2019

Le Tank
22 bis Rue des Taillandiers
75011, Paris, France

On Thursday 13 June 2019, at Le Tank: Nick Misani. Facilitator: Julie Soudanne. This is a linked event, any registration for one of the speakers gives you access to the other talk without additional registration.

The TypeParis evening Talks (in english) open its doors at 19:00 at le Tank, Paris.

→Comeback later: Registration will open on 30 May 2019!


Our free talks open to the public will include two speakers: graphic designer as well the weekly #typeparis19 international guest critic. The venue is limited to 130 people, after this limit, you will be added to the waiting list, and your entry will not be fully guaranteed. Our Talks will be given in English, no livestream, but available videos at a later date. Being present on the spot is the best way to miss nothing. Meanwhile, as the #tptalks19 are organized in Paris, France, most of attendees will be Parisians. Le Français sera largement employé par les participants lors de l’inscription et des échanges nombreux durant la soirée.


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Nick Misani

Nick Misani

Critics, Speakers, 2019

Nick Misani is a freelance designer based in New York specializing in illustrative lettering with a historical flair. Born in Milan, Nick is especially interested in the intersection between interior design, typography, and decorative arts, which he explores in his personal projects. The most recent of these, Fauxsaics, has been recognized internationally, appearing in publications—both online and in print—around the world.

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Julie Soudanne

Julie Soudanne

Facilitators, Instructors, Sessions, 2017, 2018, 2019

Julie Soudanne is a French type and graphic designer who is a freelancer based in Paris, France. She studied graphic design at ECV Paris and specialised in type design by choosing the master degree directed by Jean François Porchez. Soon after, she was selected to join the first edition of TypeParis15. Working for more than 2 years at Black[Foundry], she gained experience to start her own business. She also founded the Collectif PAR ICI!.

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