Q&A Sessions: Élise Muchir & Franklin Desclouds, Des Signes

QA sessions elise muchir franklin desclouds des signes

We have a wonderful group of speakers and guests sharing with us this year at TypeParis. We wanted to find out a little more about each of them, so came up with a series of questions which they have generously taken the time to answer.

I have really enjoyed getting to know Élise and Franklin’s work. It’s unique and bold, and makes me look forward all the more to meeting them! Élise and Franklin together run award-winning graphic design studio Des Signes, and have done so for nearly 15 years. It’s no wonder their work is of such high quality. You can read more about them in their TypeParis bio.

What is it you like about typography?

Des Signes: In our work, we use typographic compositions as visuals. Lettering, words, and texts become signals or graphic systems, which we like to play with.

At what point in history would you choose to live?

Tomorrow! When graphic design will be more respected in France! But we’re working on it!

Has your creative process changed over the years?

Since the very beginning of our studio our work has been based on typography, but now we feel more free to create specific treatments in line with our global concept for each project. We play with letters: inserting patterns, hiding some parts of characters or multiplying letters to make kinetic effects.

What is you favourite magazine/movie/T.V. series?

Recently we discovered the review "Slash" and watched again "Pierrot le fou" by Godard!

Lookbook cover for Pouti Paris (a French luxury brand for children) using a customised version of our own Jean François’ typeface Ambroise.

What sparked your interest in type design?

We try to travel a lot, and we find our inspiration in the cities we visit (Tokyo, Berlin, Moscou, Los Angeles, Anvers, Hong Kong, NY…).

Through the places we visit (foundations, bookstores, museums, galleries, restaurants, shops etc) we bring back documents, books, photos, objects which "nourish" our creativity.

Of course, designers and contemporary artists are also very important: Olafur Elliasson, Sabina Lange and Daniel Baumann, Sol Lewitt, Mark Rothko, Brecht Evens, Philippe Apeloig, Karel Martens, Leonardo Sonnoli, Gerhard Richter, Bridget Riley, Henri Jacob…

Your most satisfying achievement?

Two successes: our studio and our family.

Name something that inspires you?

Love, Culture, Friends and Family :P


Thanks Élise and Franklin! If you want to hear these guys speak, along with the great Indra Kupferschmid, make sure you register for the first #tptalks16, held Wednesday 22 June. There will be food, drinks, and excellent conversation after the talks, so stick around.


Interview by Dave Coleman.

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