Tyrsa + Nadine Chahine at TypeParis15

Tyrsa + Nadine Chahine

On Wednesday 17 June 2015, two internationally renowned designers made us pleased and honored in leading the very first Type@Paris Talks (#tptalks#15) of the five planned each Wednesday (next one is this 24 June 2015) at Le Tank as part of the Type@Paris 15 program until next 15 July 2015.

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The first guest was Alexis Taieb, Aka Tyrsa. This fan of underground culture has met typography for the first time through tags and graffiti at the age of 15 years old. While its appeal and mastery for lettering was growing up day by day, a problem has appeared. He was unable to show his illegal mural paintings to his family and especially to his mother, afraid of her reaction. This is why Tyrsa has decided to reverse the view and move to typography, a legaly art still remaining consistent with his passion. Freshly graduated from the Gobelins school Tyrsa has easily took flight thanks to his serious and creative spirit. Very soon, he was brought to work for international brands such as Carhartt, Nike and Inrocks in a multitude of projects, each more original than the others. Thus, this former graffiti artist was able to realize one of his dearest wishes: finally expose his projects and his passion to his mom.

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Our second guest, Nadine Chahine took a somewhat different route but equally interesting. Born in Lebanon, she began studying graphic design in her country of origin where she obtained her first degree. She then completed it by validating a Master degree at Reading, England and a PhD in the Netherlands. In the mean time, Nadine is greatly interested by the existing relation between Latin and Arabic alphabets and tried to gather them into a single typeface. That is what she managed to do with her Koufya typeface which was an innovation in its genre, but also carries a symbolic message advocating peace between the Western and Eastern world. Once educated finished and always in this vision of a committed typography, Dr. Chahine was able to concentrate on her work. Today her research and creations have enabled her to integrate Linotype (now Montoype) and to be part of the restrictive club of the 100 most creative people in 2012 according to Fast Company.

Alexis Taieb (aka Tyrsa)

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Nadine Chahine

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Thus, this evening could only be rich in talent and captivating. Especially because a maximum of means had been set up for this purpose. Everything began from 17h, at which time the organizers and volunteers came together to transform Le Tank’s space, a co-working facility as a real conference room. After much back and forth within the 5 floors of Le Tank all chairs were installed, a podium with a lectern was mounted for the occasion, as well as various for the sponors, a mini-bookshop and an interactive space. The lecture room was ready to welcome guests. These were one-off and arrived one hour in advance for the majority of them, fearing not to having seats. Nevertheless, Jean François Porchez, had all planned! Tote bags filled with goodies from the sponsors and thanks to Adobe, beers were available to them to make the most warm wait.

It’s in a relaxed but interested atmosphere that has began the first talk displayed by Tyrsa at 19:55, precisely. Important detail, as the talk was also Live streamed on the internet worldwide to this precise time. This reconverted street artist put us in full the eyes, showing up his extensive work performed throught all types of media such as a bakery or modeling clay as well. Nadine Chahine, after a short intermission, took over. In turn, this Lebanese type designer has exposed her different researches while emphasizing the political role that must keep a type designer she said. After these two fascinating lectures, the show at Le Tank went from a Lecture room status to a cocktail room. Pizzas, snacks and appetizers were disposed to the delight of the guests, who while satiating themselves could also freely talk with speakers.
So it is, on a friendly note, that this first evening Talk has fenced and gives us hope of good things for weeks ahead.

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See you next week for more! Register for the next free Talk now.

– By Mathis Porchez

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