Wrap up: Des Signes & Indra Kupferschmid talks

Des Signes, Indra Kupferschmid

The first #tptalks16 session was a great success. It’s so wonderful seeing so many people united by their love for type!

Franklin Desclouds shared an impressive portfolio of recent projects. From Des Signes identity of Château de Versailles to Nuit Blanche event. Always working beautifully with colors, transparency and typography. It’s easy to see how he and Elise have grown Des Signes so successfully over the last 15 years. Beautiful work.

Franklin Desclouds on stage.

Indra Kupferschmid on stage.

Indra’s talk continued in a similar vein to the discussions in-class. She shared some fascinating thoughts on typeface classification, and selecting/combining multiple typefaces with confidence. The audience was captivated by her concepts. Great news! The night was filmed for your viewing pleasure.

Jean François Porchez introducing the first night

Jean François Porchez introducing the first night.


Huge thanks to the speakers for sharing with us, to LeTank for hosting us, to the Typofonderie staff for all their hard work setting up and signing everyone in, to Jean François and Véronique for tirelessly organising the event and giving us a reason to be here, to Sandra Chamaret for hosting the first session, to the livestreamers for their support, and of course to everyone who made it out on the night; we couldn’t do it without you.

— By Dave Coleman.


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Pierre di Sciullo + Martina Flor


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