Wrap up: Pierre di Sciullo & Martina Flor talks

Pierre di Sciullo and Martina Flor

The second #tptalks16 on Wednesday 28th June was an excellent night. It was great to see so many people come to the session to hear from our guest speakers, Martina Flor & Pierre di Sciullo.

Pierre was such a character! And so incredibly talented. His work is so different to the styles we see around us today, and it was very refreshing. He has a very practical approach to his letterforms, the final application playing a huge part in his approach to the design. His talk was peppered with French, which was honestly just as hilarious for us non-French-speakers as it was for those that understood him! Very glad to have discovered this talented and inspirational designer.

Martina was fantastic, as you’d expect. We were treated to a continuous stream of lettering pieces as she spoke – the amount of work she has produced is astonishing. It was great to hear some of her story, and the way she managed to infiltrate the type design elite of Berlin with her wild shapes and colours – whilst of course maintaining a very high standard in her letterforms. It was wonderful to hear from and be inspired by her.

Like last week, the session was filmed for those that couldn’t make it in person. Martina & Pierre’s talks (as well as those from the first session and last year) are available for you to watch right now – see the Watch section for links.

Huge thanks to the speakers for sharing with us, to LeTank for hosting us, to the Typofonderie staff for all their hard work setting up and signing everyone in, to Jean François and Véronique for tirelessly organising the event and giving us a reason to be here, to Geoffrey Dorne for hosting the session, to the livestreamers for their support, and of course to everyone who made it out on the night; we couldn’t do it without you.

— By Dave Coleman.


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