Q&A Màrio Feliciano

Mario Feliciano

It was an honour and a pleasure to welcome Mário into the classroom on Tuesday. He is a super nice guy, friendly, funny and critiqued the attendees’ work honestly and insightfully. Mário is a accomplished type designer, and his work has strong ties to historical models, with his own interpretation over the top, which has made for a body of work with depth and integrity.

Week #2 Foundation for the personal typeface project

typeparis17 week 2

Week #2 was a big one! The pace has really started to pick up. We had a great time at the second #tptalks event, hearing Agnès Dahan & Mário Feliciano speak. Later in the week we visited the beautiful Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal. Monday 26th began with exploration of the design space—an exercise which is a… Read more