Talks wrap up: Claudia Klat + David Berlow


This week—the final week!—we were joined by Claudia Klat and David Berlow. Born in Zurich, Claudia currently resides in London, where she is Design Director, and partner of Spin Studio. Claudia works alongside SPIN founder, Tony Brook and the team on identities, books, marketing campaigns, motion graphics, packaging and websites. Her personal experience includes projects… Read more

Talks wrap up: François Rappo + Hansje van Halem


Graphic designer Hansje van Halem studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Van Halem digitally scratches, draws or weaves her letters and designs postages stamps, posters and illustrations. Her design-experiments sometimes also lead to commissioned applications for public space, including a border fence at Dutch airport Schiphol. Her work is in the collection of museums, amongst others the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL).

Q&A Claudia Klat

Claudia Klat, Spin, Q&A

Born in Zurich, Claudia currently resides in London, where she is Design Director, and partner of Spin Studio. Claudia works alongside SPIN founder, Tony Brook and the team on identities, books, marketing campaigns, motion graphics, packaging and websites. Her personal experience includes projects for the BBC, Crafts Council, Dig Delve, Ministry of Sound, Proa Foundation, University for the Creative Arts, and Wallpaper magazine.

Typographic experimentation is an essential part of the SPIN studios practice. Playful expressions blending the analogue with the digital, making ‘conceptual lettering’. Hybrid type forms that spring from conceptual conceits. The studios aesthetic brings together the rigorous, the refined and the irreverent in a search for new surprising letterforms. The outputs of this process can be seen in an occasional journal published by Unit Editions – SPIN: Adventures in Typography.

Q&A David Berlow

David Berlow Typenetwork, 2018 Q&A

After an education in art history and fine arts, David Berlow entered the type industry in 1978 as a letter designer for Mergenthaler, Linotype, Stempel, and Haas type foundries. He joined the newly formed digital type supplier, Bitstream, Inc. In 1982, where he eventually worked in the type, type marketing and type technology departments. After Berlow left Bitstream in 1989, he founded The Font Bureau, Inc. with Roger Black. Font Bureau has since grown to a small company participating in more than 500 custom and OEM font, projects and in a retail font business for desktop and web, now as part of Type Network Inc. Berlow is a member of ATypI, the Society of Type Aficionados, and works from his home studio in Massachusetts as a type designer, type design manager, font software advocate and marketing enthusiast. He is an owner and board member of Font Bureau and of Type Network Inc.

Talks wrap up: Nikola Djurek + Morag Myerscough


I was pumped to hear from the speakers for this week’s TPTalks. It was great to meet Nikola Djurek in class that day, and I was looking forward to learning more about his work. I had the pleasure of meeting Morag Myerscough that evening at Le Tank, and she was such a character. I was happy to see that her personality clearly comes out in her creative work. We heard from Nikola first, then from Morag later in the evening.

Talks wrap up: Laura Meseguer + Spassky Fischer


The attendees were pumped up from their great day with Laura Meseguer. No better way to top it off than to gather at Le Tank for the second instalment of TPTalks. We heard from Laura first up, then Thomas Petitjean and Hugo Anglade of Spassky Fischer. Laura’s kind and direct critique during the day was… Read more

Q&A Morag Myerscough


Morag’s mantra is “make happy those who are near and those who are far will come”. Morag lives in London and has been fascinated by how colour, pattern and words can change urban environments and peoples perceptions of spaces into places. From schools and hospitals to cultural hubs and town centres Morag transforms public spaces by creating engaging experiences for everyone.

Talks wrap up: Rejane Dal Bello + Alex Trochut


First TPTalks of the summer! It felt good to be back in Le Tank again. TypeParis was already off to a good start, and we were very excited to hear from our first two speakers: Rejane Dal Bello and Alex Trochut.

Q&A Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer

Today we’re hearing from award-winning graphic and type designer, Laura Meseguer. Based in Amsterdam, Laura works on projects involving custom lettering, and type design, for branding and publishing design. She has her own type foundry, Type-Ø-Tones, as well as an online store, Tipofino, and has written a book, TypoMag. Typography in Magazines, as well as co-authoring the book, Cómo crear tipografías. Del Boceto a la pantalla.

Q&A Rejane Dal Bello

typeparis18 Q&A rejane dale bello

Today we’re hearing from award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, Rejane Dal Bello. Rejane was born in Rio de Janeiro, studied for a time in New York under Milton Glaser, and now lives in London. Her graphic design studio specialises in brand identity, illustration, and editorial for national and international clients focusing on the Corporate, Cultural & Non-Profit sectors. Rejane is regularly featured in international publications, gives workshops and lectures around the world, and is creative editor of UPO magazine (FR).

TPTalks18 program announced

TPTalks18 program announced

As every year, in parallel to the TypeParis Summer course, we organise the TPTalks. In 2018, each Wednesday in Paris, our free talks open to the public will include graphic designers as well all the #typeparis18 weekly international guests critics. The amazing evenings involve two speakers and one facilitator. Any registration for one of the… Read more