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Launched by the Typofonderie team in 2015, TypeParis is now an independent entity that operates according to its established objectives, managed collegially by the team of trainers, all highly talented professionals. TypeParis is structured in two poles: the teaching programme and the Now conferences.

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To become a partner of TypeParis is both to participate in enriching the programme, but it is also to make these conferences richer, to allow a better reception.

It is of course to guarantee you a good visibility, before, during and after the conferences and summer programme and workshops. Because our target is very studied to allow you to reach those who have a particular interest for typography, those, who will be the ambassadors of your brand.

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send us an email or call +33 1 46 54 26 92

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France has 49 Unesco World Heritage Sites, including the Louvre, which attracts 9,7 million visitors per year. The number of tourists in France has doubled in the last 15 years. 70 million of its foreign visitors come from other European countries.

Paris is the conference capital of the world, hosting more than 1 100 events each year. The number of conference participants has increased by 17% in the last 10 years. Paris has 191 museums and over 1016 galleries. If France is the first tourist destination in the world, Paris is also the second most popular city in Europe. Paris is the 4th most popular city in the world with 123 000 hotel rooms available and Paris has 1 400 000 restaurants, cafés, etc.

Sponsors in 2023

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Many thanks to our sponsors & media partners for the successful #typeparis previous season!

Learning type design

The TypeParis Summer programme is an intensive course in English that takes in the heart of near Eiffel Tower in Paris. Our unique approach continues the long tradition of type design study that started in France back in the 1970’s. During the year, we organise workshops in Paris and sometimes elsewhere who cover type design, sign painting, lettering, use of software, etc.

Attendees will leave the programme with the specialised skills to design professional high quality digital typefaces, lettering and logotypes. Since 2015, we have trained nearly 111 attendees who came from all over the world, 33 countries represented to date.

TypeParis23 sponsors

TypeParis is built around a team of renowned professionals and experienced instructors: Jean François Porchez, Mathieu Réguer, Marc Rouault, Gina Serret, Julie Soudanne, Malou Verlomme. Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer and Georg Seifer from Glyphs handle special sessions with the attendees. Our weekly international guest critics for #TypeParis23 has been Bas Jacobs (Underware), Sandrine Nugue, Dino dos Santos (DS Type) and Franziska Weitgruber. They will each spend a day with the attendees and, in the evening, speak about their work.


TypeParis23 speakers and guests

Conferences have been an integral part since the launch of TypeParis in 2015, as evidenced by our Video channel. We think it is important to create platforms to let various universes communicate about their love of typography in their everyday practise. It’s why we are organizing our 2nd annual conference Now24 conference in Paris on 1 June 2024. Speakers will announced early 2024, as well workshops.

Designing a good typeface is one thing, but it’s a tiny aspect of the whole picture. The big deal is designing with type. In order to draw letters in a mindful way, we must all understand what type is for, how graphic designers, art directors use it, how they work with it, how they transform it, how they break it and, most importantly, how they communicate with it.