Monotype helps creates brands that matter with type, technology, and expertise

A century of type

From the days of hot metal typesetting to cutting-edge Variable fonts, we’ve had a hand in some of the most significant developments throughout design history.

Today, Monotype is an organization comprising over 750 people across the globe who share an obsession with typography, love of design, and passion for technology and innovation. 

Our library of more than 40,000 typefaces showcases many of the world’s best-known foundries and type designers alongside timeless classics including Helvetica®, Avenir®, Gotham, and DIN. Our custom typefaces can be seen around the world, whether it's Johnston100 throughout the London Underground, or “All Together” on the packaging and marketing for M&Ms. 

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If fonts make us feel, how do you go about choosing the right ones?

Monotype’s very own Marie Boulanger is hosting an in-person, hands-on workshop on 2 June — proposing that we leave type classification based on formal archetypes aside and imagine new, innovative ways of organizing typefaces.

Bonus: all attendees get an extended Monotype Fonts free trial, on us.

Why do we need more typefaces?

Monotype Creative Type Director Damien Collot says this is one of the most frequently asked questions he's heard since deciding to study type design. On 3 June, join Damien to explore the power and value of type — by introducing five compelling reasons for developing more typefaces.