Workshop Nº 18 Selecting fonts using neuroscience

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June 2, 2023


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Confirmed at registration. Duration: 1pm—5pm.
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It is a new kind of (free) workshop in which you will participate, resulting from research using neuroscience to study human behavior and fonts. It is the whole future for fonts selection according to uses and needs that is at stake.


Fonts, feelings and neuroscience: the future of type search. What does the future of type classification look like? Using cutting-edge research from Monotype on why fonts make us feel, this workshop proposes to leave type classification based on formal archetypes aside and imagine what we could gain from other ways of organizing typefaces.
The workshop will explore font management software, variable typefaces and branding, and will feature hands-on exercises as well as computer work.

*All attendees will receive a free extended trial to Monotype Fonts as part of the workshop.


This workshop takes place the day before the #Now23 conference. It is free workshop for anyone registered to Now23 conference. Use this coupon code SCIENCENOW23

Lunch included.


Bring your laptop!


Limited to 25 attendees:
– Designers and user of typefaces.

– No specific level required, from beginners to ultra pro.

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