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Attendees, participants of our events and courses hereby grants to TypeParis the right to use Participant’s photographic and video images and audio recordings and live streaming and reproductions of the same, for any marketing, promotion or other commercial purpose as TypeParis in its sole discretion sees fit, and without any compensation to Participant.

Courses location: École Intuit Lab, 90 Rue de Javel, 75015 Paris, France. How to get there? click here for map.

Events location: refer to Now24 page.


TypeParis courses en events is aimed to persons acting in the scope of their professional activity. TypeParis welcomes its visitors who will find hereafter TypeParis Terms & conditions.

These Terms & Conditions exclusively apply to all person visiting and purchasing on typeparis.com website, edited and operated by TypeParis whose business address is based at 144 avenue Jean Jaurès, 92140 Clamart, France. TypeParis is brand of ZeAssociates, a company registered in Paris. RCS Paris B 538 525 460. Siret 538 525 460 00019. APE 4791B. TVA FR 70 538525460. Headquarters: 8 rue Lemercier 75017 Paris, France.

These Terms & Conditions are expressly accepted without reserves by typeparis.com’s visitor of who admit having a perfect knowledge of these Terms & Conditions, while proceeding to any payment on the website, for our courses and events. But also especially special conditions like paying the Summer course pre-registration or definitive registration.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to be modified at any time and without notice, knowing that the conditions applied on typeparis.com are those at the date of the order. Any other Terms & Conditions produced by typeparis.com’s visitor will have no legal value and cannot engage the responsibility and/or liability of typeparis.com neither TypeParis. Access to typeparis.com’s visitor area and/ or registration area whatever the service, visiting typeparis.com tacitly implies that typeparis.com’s visitor accepts TypeParis Terms & Conditions.

Any online and offline offer promoted by TypeParis is reserved to professionals (companies, administrations, professionals, institutions, craftsmen, tradesmen, associations) all over the world.

Typeparis.com’s visitor is informed that these Terms & Conditions do not require a handwritten signature in order to be accepted and that the validation of his order online binds him.


TypeParis masterclass are dedicated to type design and courses location will be confirmed on the typeparis.com’s client invoice and/or by email before the date of the course.

Privacy policies

Typeparis.com is very concerned by confidentiality and security of visitors personal information. We are committed to providing the highest degree of confidentiality and security.

Typeparis.com is registered at the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté) under the number 1839676. In accordance with French Data protections laws (dated 1978, January 6th, and modified in 2004), the visitor of typeparis.com has an access right and a rectification right relative to the data concerning his own person, as well as an opposition right. In order to exercise one of those rights, the visitor of typeparis.com will have to contact TypeParis, 144 avenue Jean Jaurès, 92140 Clamart, France, by email or by phone +33 1 46 54 26 92

When a visitor or a client registers and/ or places an order on typeparis.com, its/ her confidential User ID and password are under its / her sole and entire responsibility for any use on typeparis.com. He/she agrees to respect the privacy of typeparis.com, to provide consistent information and to update its data when necessary, and not to disclose the information to anyone on typeparis.com nor try to retrieve information from typeparis.com or its Visitor for any purpose whatsoever.

All information, product, document contained in typeparis.com are the entire, full and exclusive property of ZeAssociates. Any reselling, publishing, distribution, reproduction, modification, falsification of any information, product and content of documents from typeparis.com is strictly prohibited whatever the nature, substance or form. TypeParis reserves itself the right to forbid to any visitor the access to view, download and print documents and / or information available on typeparis.com, any violation being subject of prosecution. Any violation of these rules gives the right to TypeParis to withdraw access from its content immediately and without any reservation and will be prosecuted according to the code of French law.

TypeParis privacy policy can be changed and improved at any time without prior notice. Visiting or requesting informations or services from typeparis.com valid the acceptation of the visitors to typeparis.com privacy policy. Otherwise typeparis.com visitors must leave the site as soon as possible and do not have to utilize the services provided by TypeParis.

What Does TypeParis with its visitors data?

TypeParis collects information to generate statistical reports concerning users of typeparis.com for TypeParis’s use only.

TypeParis reserves itself the right to use cookies to customize the visitor’s website’s experience.

Terms of payment

The customer declares that he has read and accepted these Terms and conditions before placing its order. The validation of the order therefore implies acceptance of these Terms and conditions.

Typeparis.com’s visitor can choose between several payment options offered by typeparis.com: Carte Bleue, e-carte bleue (french customers), VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

Payzen is a secure solution created by Lyra-Network and PCI DSS certified Lyra-Network is a leader in the delivery of French bank flows from payment terminals. In case of credit card payment, typeparis.com customer’s bank account is debited on the day of the order date.

TypeParis payments are due upon invoice receipt. In accordance with French law no. 92–1442 of 31 12 1992, any payment received after a ten days time limit will be increased with interest equal to three times the legal interest rate for each month of late payment. For any payment after the due date, a flat-rate indemnity of 40€ will be charged in accordance with the terms of art. D411–5 of the French Commercial Code.

1. Transaction Payment by credit card is in conformity with Payzen payment system. In case of such payment by credit card, the client of typeparis.com’s account is debited the day of the order.

Each data registered by typeparis.com constitutes the evidence of all the commercial transactions carried out between TypeParis and its clients. Any data registered by the Payzen payment system is provided by Payzen and the Crédit Mutuel, used and chosen by the typeparis.com client (bank or any other establishment) and thus constitutes the evidence of all financial transactions carried out between TypeParis and the establishment in question (or any other organization).

2. Payment by bank transfer Available only for offline purchases, bank transfer or wire transfer can be organized under the condition that any currency. Exchange fees are the sole responsibility of TypeParis’s client. For further details on the process, please contact us by email.

3. Prices and VAT All typeparis.com prices are displayed in euros and do not include applicable taxes. Any typeparis.com client residing in France and/or in the DOM territories and/or in a EEC member country will have to pay the additional French tax “VAT” which is calculated when you place your order. The French VAT will be applied from “Total Amount before tax” of the order and will be reported on the receipt and the invoice of typeparis.com’s client.


TypeParis sponsorship will bee invoiced by TypeParis within the sponsorship level agreed between TypeParis’ sponsor and TypeParis.


TypeParis is a registered trademark of ZeAssociates SARL. All TypeParis’s trademarks, logo, pictures, texts, fonts posted on typeparis.com are the sole property of TypeParis and its third parties partners. Any use of these trademarks will be granted without the prior agreement of TypeParis.

Unless express written authorization signed by TypeParis, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce any information or documents from this website whatever the means, the resource or the form used.

Governing Law

In the event of a dispute, the only law having value is French law in front of the Courts of Paris (75 France).


Under orders or when visitors create an account on typeparis.com, TypeParis is brought to collect personal data. These data are processed and stored within conditions designed to ensure their safety. Some of these data are essential for processing applications or client orders. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.



You can buy tickets on the typeparis.com website to attend events or workshops set up by TypeParis. Each Ticket (your ticket proof is the confirmation email received after payment) corresponds to the materialisation of an Entrance Fee that allows Participants to arrive at the event site in order to benefit from the service offered by TypeParis.

Each ticket purchased by the customer is nominative with the participant contact information attached to the event organized by TypeParis (name, family name, e-mail) that will have been entered during purchase process and that allows access to the event. The booking is confirmed only after complete and final payment of the order and sending the confirmation email to the customer. A ticket purchased via TypeParis is assigned to one person only. These tickets are only valid for the date and time, the session and the precise location of the event.

TypeParis uses a tool in order to check the participant’s identity, preventing a third party from being able to access the event with the initial ticket. The customer must come to the event with a valid official identity document including a photo (identity card, residence card, passport, driver’s license). Alternatively, depending on the registration tools used, the verification could be done via a bar code, or a ticket received by email that will be compared to our validation tool.

The customer remains solely responsible for the storage and use of its ticket. In the event of loss or theft of a ticket, no duplicate, reissued ticket or certificate of any kind, other than the original original ticket, will not be given to the customer. Thus, in the event of loss, theft or duplication of a valid ticket, only the first person presenting the valid ticket or counter-mark at the entrance of the event will be able to access it, including for events where the ticket office is nominative.

Access to the event may be denied to any person refusing to submit to these conditions or regulations.

Request for Refund

According to Article L 212–2, 12e of the French Consumer Code, tickets purchased for events are not subject to a right of withdrawal. Any order is therefore firm and final. References LegiFrance, DGCCRF.

Summer course


The comprehensive programme runs 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The majority of sessions will be provided by two instructors together. With two sessions a day, instructors will deliver 340 hours of instruction during the 6 weeks. During this time several visits have been arranged to see notable french institutions and discover the immense and fascinating history of type. The online version of these terms and conditions is available here. Additional details on FAQ page.

— Four days a week: From 9:00 to 20:00.

— Generally between Monday to Friday: 2 sessions of several hours with open studio time in between.

— Monday or Tuesday each week booked to visit notable french institutions and rare typographic places.


1. Any pre-registration must be posted on typeparis.com before the announced deadline: registration fee via our online payment page and requested documents (cover letter, portfolio, study courses, professional courses) by email.

2. The pre-registration fee is not refundable and imperative for any registration in order to be considered. As well, any incomplete applications will be rejected.

Typeparis.com visitors and/or clients can place their order(s) directly on the typeparis.com website. Any order from a typeparis.com client having an unresolved payment dispute with TypeParis cannot be pre-registered or his order will be cancelled by typeparis.com.

Definitive registration

1. An acceptance notification will be sent by email to each trainee with payment instructions and training Agreement.

2. Tuition of each accepted applicant have to be paid in full to TypeParis no later than the deadline provided into the acceptance notification sent by email.


As provided by the French legislation in force, you can cancel your subscription to the Summer course following your definitive registration within a retraction deadline of 14 days without involving any cancellation fee, from the day your registration has been paid to TypeParis. Beyond that deadline, any cancellation will be fully due as fixed indemnity. This retraction right do not include the pre- registration fee which matches to registration fees.

— Any started training will be due in full.

— TypeParis reserves the right to refuse any participants who did not pay the entire Summer course before the allotted delay.

— TypeParis retains the right to cancel or postpone the Summer course without compensation or penalty due to the customer.

Internal regulation

Registration to the TypeParis Summer course involves acceptance of this internal regulation. The Summer course is organized by TypeParis and hosted at École Intuit Lab Paris. This internal regulations defines the rules of existence applicable to attendees. It aims to offer a harmonious working environment and to ensure safety inside École Intuit Lab Paris.

This internal regulation must be accepted by each attendee.

Security and neighborhood

In accordance to the current law, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the premises of the school. It also is requested to the attendees to respect the school’s neighborhood and not to disperse butts, especially on the public street close to the school.

Attendees must imperatively be aware of general safety, especially in case of fire. They are required to participate in evacuation drills.

Premises and equipment

Attendees commit to maintain and respect the tidiness of the premises made available to them. After each sessions, École Intuit Lab Paris and its equipment have to be tidy: each attendee, leaving its desk, must leave it clean and ready to be used by any other attendee.

Any borrowed equipment must be put back in place. Use of material made available to attendees: printer, computer, audiovisual, etc. is subject to certain rules that will have to be respected.

Attendees are responsible for the proper use of this equipment. For any damaged or lost equipment a compensation will be expressly demanded to the concerned attendee. Likewise, any deterioration of premises, or furnitures is payable by the attendee or by its legal guardian.

The school cannot be held liable for the disappearance or infringement to personal items, which ones are considered to remain under safekeeping of its owner.

Disciplinary punishments

Any failure from the attendee to TypeParis internal regulation justifies sanctions ranging from a simple warning to a temporary or definitive expulsion.

Social security and insurance

Each attendee from Euro zone must be affiliated to the social security scheme. An insurance for “civil liability and accidents” must be subscribed by the attendee. attendees out of Euro zone must obligatory subscribe to a healthy insurance.