“A brilliant combination of tutoring and talks with, among other luminaries of the type world, award winning designer and educator, Jean François Porchez. And it’s hosted in Paris! What could be better.”

John Boardley

I Love Typography

”The best part of TypeParis isn’t the incredibly inspiring and historic city of Paris, or the wonderful instructors, or the friends you will make that will be your friends for years to come, but the amazing sense of community you will experience during those 5 weeks. Finding your people, type lovers just like yourself, and experience the generosity of the instructors and visiting lecturers, that truly is the best part, this will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have, and surely the best present you can give to yourself.”

Claudia de Almeida, #typeparis15
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“It was a real pleasure to work with the students as they embarked on such a fantastic opportunity and journey. It’s not just about making a typeface but looking and being inspired by the whole history that France has to offer this art. Well done TypeParis!”

Jeremy Tankard
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The notebook I kept during the course filled with wisdom from our core and guest instructors has become one of my most referenced type design resources.

Kenneth Ormandy, #typeparis16

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“TypeParis is definitely the event every type lover was waiting for. We don’t have a a lot of opportunity to share this passion, particularly in France, so it would be a shame to miss it!”

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Beyond all the technical skills I also deepened my knowledge on the history of typography which I consider fundamental when creating a new typeface.

Julie Soudanne, #typeparis15


“A five week journey into the craft of type design is a fantastic and worthwhile introduction. I’m confident that the team teaching TypeParis will encourage and inspire students, as there is no substitute for learning from experienced practitioners.”

Mark De Winne (MA. Type & Media, 2014)

Relay Room

“The French trainees used to go abroad to study type design, now the renowned international typography experts come to Paris.”

Peter Bilak


“I had the privilege of learning under the tuition of Jean François Porchez, a great mentor who taught me a way of hand drawing type design that I continue to apply everyday. I am eternally grateful for his support and his help. Don’t miss this opportunity: type design, inspirational talks and great mentors, all in the old and beautiful Paris, it can’t get any better than that!”

Maria Montes

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“TypeParis Summer 2017 will be an unprecedented opportunity to learn about contemporary digital type from a Gallic perspective. It’s about time.”

Paul Shaw

Blue Pencil

I first heard of the TypeParis program via Twitter, where I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I had heard of similar programs in Berlin, New York, and San Francisco, but the destination of Paris and duration of the program had me hooked. At the time I was feeling a little stuck in my creative career and was looking to be pushed to the next level. TypeParis did just that.

Jocelyn Anderson, #typeparis16

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