Kabrit is a serif typeface designed for text. The typeface evolved from calligraphic drawings based on the humanist model and aims to retain the angle of the broad nib tool while still incorporating modern typographic features, giving it both a traditional and a contemporary persona. This is translated throughout the letters through harsh diagonal shoulders and finials, cornered counters and unilateral serifs.

Kabrit was then developed to include a Bold and a Display with highly contrasted letters that can be used for titles, quotes, headlines, etc.

I chose to name the typeface “Kabrit” which is Arabic for “Matches” because it represents a new beginning, it is the first spark on the journey to designing typefaces. The decision to base the typeface on a calligraphic model comes from the fact that I intend to work on Arabic typefaces at a later stage so I was interested in learning that process in order to later apply it on Arabic type design.

This being my first attempt at designing a typeface, I would like to thank Jean François Porchez, Mathieu Réguer, Malou Verlomme, Julien Priez for their patience, generosity and guidance in making this experience one of the most enriching I’ve ever had. The visiting critics added great insight and fresh perspectives with their feedback that always pushed us to better ourselves. And last but not least, I would like to thank my fellow students for their awesomeness and their great energy, without which my sanity would have easily been compromised!

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