Phase 3: consolidation & production

We have already got to the third stage of TypeParis Summer24: a short but crucial phase where we are always stunned by the evolution and expansion of all designs! This time, we have welcomed the instructor Malou Verlomme and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, the Glyphs’ co-founder, who together with all other instructors have helped the attendees to extend their typefaces into fully fledged digital families. During these days, we have also visited two marvelous Parisian libraries full of countless precious and rare books and we have received the third guest critic.

Visit to the the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal and to the Bibliothèque Mazarine

One traditional way of breaking the fully intense rhythm at class are the several visits to Parisian libraries, full of countless precious and rare books. But apart from breaking the rhythm, these appointments are essentially thought to offer to the attendees enough historical tools to help guiding them through the creation and evolution of their typeface projects. There is no understanding of Latin letterforms construction without a clear awareness of the history of the alphabet.

The first visit of this third phase has been at the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, considered a historical monument since 2003. Placed in the ancient Arsenal de Paris and founded by the king François the 1st in the sixteenth century, the library is specialized in the bibliophile and the histories of book and bookbinding. This time leaded by Christine Prieur and Patrick Odent-Allet, the entire group and some of the have studied a curated selection of old type and calligraphy books while having precise and individual explanations for each of the publications.

Welcome speech by Anne-Bérangère Rothenburger at the Bibliothèque Mazarine.

And within the same day, the very last external visit of TypeParis Summer24 has arrived: the impressive Bibliothèque Mazarine, placed in a stunning building in front of the Seine, just in front of The Louvre. The origins of this Parisian library are linked to the personal collections of Cardinal Mazarin (1602-1661), Richelieu’s successor and main minister of Louis XIV’s minority between 1643 and 1661. Open to scholars from 1643 in the mansion of Mazarin, it is the oldest public library in France. We feel so grateful of being able, one more year, to discover incunabulum books and many other historical publications by key figures of the history of the book and the typography. By the hands of Anne-Bérangère Rothenburger, we have enjoyed inspecting in detail the printed work of Johannes Gutenberg & Johannes Fust, Konrad Sweynheym & Arnold Pannartz, Aldo Manuzio, Nicolas Jenson, Ludovico degli Arrighi, John Baskerville, William Caslon and Gianbattista Bodoni, among others. Taking advantage of visiting the library when it is closed to the public, we have spent an excellent evening studying and taking pictures at those sources that helped the attendees to consolidate all their projects.

International guest critic: Henrik Kubel

During this short period, we have also had the chance of counting with Henrik Kubel, from Denmark, as a type critic. Kubel’s fresh way of looking has given new perspectives and different creative horizons to the attendees to complete their glyph sets and to plan their potential family extensions such as italic, bold or titling.

Design consolidation and production

This phase begins with the classic basic set meeting, where the group shows all what they have completed concerning the main weight of their typefaces. It is always amazing to admire the expansion and evolution of their designs!

Once reached this advanced stage of the programme, attendees have to focus on consolidating their designs: first, completing the set of lowercase, uppercase, numerals and punctuation for the basic weight of their personal projects and, later on, testing ideas for family extensions (italic, bold, display, script, stencil, condensed, etc.), always aligned with each brief and style of their designs.

End of the day with Henrik Kubel, the third guest critic of TypeParis Summer24.

Glyphs’ aid in class

Last but not least, one other year, we can count on the very appreciated presence in class of Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, the Glyphs co-founder.

Having him every day at the school during this late stage of the programme is extremely advantageous for the group. The attendees are personally assisted with full of passion and patience by the person who masters Glyphs software the best. Rainer’s aid, together with the mastery of our team of instructors, let the attendees acquire an advanced level of digital workflow in Glyphs.

Ready to discover their amazing forward moves on next phase? Stay tuned!

– By Gina Serret

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July 2, 2024
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