Q&A Rejane Dal Bello

We have a wonderful group of speakers and guests sharing with us this year at TypeParis. We wanted to find out a little more about each of them, so have presented them with a series of questions which they have generously taken the time to answer.

Today we’re hearing from award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, Rejane Dal Bello. Rejane was born in Rio de Janeiro, studied for a time in New York under Milton Glaser, and now lives in London. Her graphic design studio specialises in brand identity, illustration, and editorial for national and international clients focusing on the Corporate, Cultural & Non-Profit sectors. Rejane is regularly featured in international publications, gives workshops and lectures around the world, and is creative editor of UPO magazine (FR).

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In your opinion, what has the greater responsibility in a graphic design project: typography or colours?

Rejane Dal Bello: Colour takes part of several other professions/areas that are not exclusive to graphic design, such as: photography, fine art, film, illustration etc. But typography is exclusive to the profession of graphic design. Photography, painting, sculpture do not deal with typography (by rule). So therefore I think that type has a bigger role to play in our field.

In your professional life, do you like to plan ahead, and set specific goals and timeframes? Or do you prefer to stay flexible, and leap upon opportunities (even those that significantly alter your path) as they arise?

‘Sometimes you need life to save you from what you want so you can get what you need.’
I have heard this once, and it really helped me to understand this: make plans, it is important I think. But be flexible for where life takes you, because you cannot imagine what and where it can take you!

“Life reveals itself daily. I would not have lived and experienced so much in my life if I had been so strict to my rules and my thinking of the moment.”
— Rejane Dal Bello

La TransatAdam Symphony

Life taught me that you have to be always open for what sometimes does not seem like a good path, that in the end is. Life reveals itself daily. I would not have lived and experienced so much in my life if I had been so strict to my rules and my thinking of the moment. I could never foresee that I would have lived in so many countries because I did not dream of living there… life revealed itself with the opportunities and I took them because it made sense.

How do you relax?

Going to the beach, sun, swimming, running in the park and staying in bed thinking, in silence or listening to lectures online about life matter subjects.

Do you prefer a permanent/dedicated workspace, or do you like to keep mobile (i.e. cafes, outdoors etc)

Yes, I prefer permanent work spaces. I like to have some comfort daily and feeling at ‘home’ in my space in order to be able to open up creatively. The sense of home is good to feel secure at one end to be able to free yourself for the other end.

“…dare to make your dreams a reality without waiting for anyone to believe in it as much as you.”
— Rejane Dal Bello

UPO 2 Magazine

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone wanting to become a designer / type designer / art director?

Zygmunt Bauman taught us that we are in a liquid modernity. There is not security of anything anymore. This is encouraging to creatives to never hold back because we cannot guarantee anyway. So dare to make your dreams a reality without waiting for anyone to believe in it as much as you.

– Interview by Dave Coleman.

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June 9, 2018
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