Week #2 Processing & definition

The second week was exhausting, but at the same time very exciting for the attendees. After a week exploring handmade shapes and its variations, their personal project began to take form!

The week started in Paris, but out of the classroom. We visited the François Mitterrand Bibliothèque nationale de France, specifically the Livres Rares department, to see a collection of 18-19th century rare books containing amazing type specimens. Later on, we went to the Typofonderie library to find useful type books for each attendee in order to get old references for their personal projects. The day after, all the crew travelled to Lyon to visit the Musée de l’Imprimerie and the Musée Gallo-Romain. With all these new historical inputs, attendees were able to definite their project briefs and to have much more clues to set up a starting point so as to begin sketching.

Once returned to Paris, it was time to keep working on the design space so as to build up a creative workflow and potential variations of each type family. Further, we received Neil Summerour as the weekly guest critic. One by one, he helped attendees to get a well-defined idea of the design they wanted to achieve concerning their briefs and references.

We have asked some of the attendees about their feelings this second week in order to learn more about how they develop themselves within the programme.

“The visits were really helpful to get a better understanding of the history and construction of letterforms.”
– Mika Junna

Mika Junna (Finland) Last week we started with a visit to BnF François Mitterrand rare books department and Typofonderie to discuss about our final projects and seek some inspiration from old type specimens. On Tuesday we had a little day trip to Lyon to see some rare Roman inscriptions. The visits were really helpful to get a better understanding of the history and construction of letterforms. At the end of the week we all had a solid brief for our final project. Our visiting critic Neil Summerour gave also some helpful advices to really kickstart our projects.

Concentrated Mika working on his letterforms.

“I was so happy seeing a direction with my typeface.”
– Jessica Sanjaya

Jessica Sanjaya (Indonesia) Although feeling very tired because of the delayed return train, I enjoyed the Lyon trip the most. I was also so happy seeing a direction with my typeface. Last week I learned to sketch small before blow it up to 7cm. Suddenly, all the details of the typeface appeared!

Cheerful Jessica on her way to Lyon.

“I just really enjoyed being able to learn about typography and type design all day everyday.”
– Mark Zhu

Mark Zhu (China) I think I just really enjoyed being able to learn about typography and type design all day everyday, as well as being surrounded by people who are also passionate about the same thing.

I also enjoyed the part where, with the help of the instructors and classmates, I was able to define a brief that I feel connected to and passionate about. I believe working with this brief helps me better understand how my own background may influence my process in type design, as well as how I would approach it in the future.

In week 2 I learned about setting up multiple masters and interpolation in Glyphs, and also about italics. I previously took a type design course, where we covered up until designing 26 letters in upper- and lowercase in one style. Therefore coming into TypeParis this year, I really wanted to learn about what goes beyond that, and I’m glad I’m able to start doing it in week 2. Currently I feel very excited about what’s to come in week 3 and where my typeface is heading.

Mark having fun during the visit at the Musée Gallo-Romain in Lyon.

See you for Week #3!

– By Gina Serret

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