Week #3 Paper to digital

The programme kept running despite the record-breaking heat in the city. Once again, the week began out of Le Tank. It was time for two new (and last) visits: Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal and Bibliothèque Mazarine. In both libraries, the attendees had the opportunity to look into a large selection of rare printed type books and old specimens in order to keep compiling references for their own projects.

Back to the classroom, the students expanded their project concept to a full typeface family: exploring extreme weights, display versions and even italics! Later on, they switched to digital workflow to complete the basic set of lowercases and uppercases. However, to focus on the design and keep it consistent through all variations, sometimes they went back to calligraphy or tracing paper methods. Instructors also introduced figures and diacritics to the attendees.

Last, but not least, we also received Andrea Tinnes as the guest critic of the week. Andrea helped, one by one, all the students giving them her fresh review.

We have asked some of the attendees about their feelings this third week in order to learn more about how they develop themselves within the programme.

“It’s really exciting to see your typeface born and taking shape!”
– Melanie de Bossoreille

Melanie de Bossoreille (Paris) What I enjoyed most in the third week was the special time I spent with Mathieu Réguer. His feedback was super beneficial for the design of my typeface and for my personal motivation! Last week, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the construction and mechanism of letters. It’s really exciting to see your typography born and taking shape. Specially to know that I am the one who has made it. Amazing!

On the other hand, honestly, the week has been very hard. Between the heat and the 12-hour work days, the rhythm was really intensive.

Melanie with Andrea Tinnes during the type critic.

“I really wish the program lasted longer than 5 weeks because I don’t want it to end!”
– Scott Biersack

Scott Biersack (US) I thoroughly enjoyed learning and seeing more about Andrea Tinnes’ typography project and the extensive work she created for herself. Really inspiring to see! One thing that was mentioned during Andrea’s talk was the use of Font Mastering studios. I had no clue this sort of thing existed and it makes me to want to explore that since it’s such a tedious aspect of typeface design ;)

Overall, I am feeling pretty good about my project and am still eager to learn more. I really wish the program lasted longer than 5 weeks because I don’t want it to end! It’s been exhausting, but very rewarding.

Scott carefully listening to the instructors.

See you for Week #4!

– By Gina Serret

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