Wrap Up: Bernard Brechet & Alexandra Korolkova Talks


What a nice, intimate gathering it was for #typetalks16 Week 04. With the Bastille celebrations the next day, a lot of folks were conserving their energies (or heading away for the long weekend), so we were left with a little extra seating space and beer to enjoy. However the night was no less exciting – if anything, the cheers of the few when the livestream went on air were louder than the other nights put together!

The night started with a very interesting individual: Bernard Brechet. Just like Helena last week, he was extremely honest and open about his work, his feelings toward his industry and life in general. He walked us through a number of projects he has worked on at Gédéon, a Paris-based communication agency and production company, founded in 1985. It’s worth giving his TypeParis bio a read to find out more about him.

Wrap Up: Bernard Brechet & Alexandra Korolkova Talks

Michael Chaize from Adobe Creative Cloud and Bernard Brechet, Gédéon.

We then heard from Alexandra Korolkova, also this week’s international guest critic. She had spent the day with the students, and it was a joy to get to know her a little. We thoroughly enjoyed her insights into Cyrillic script in the morning, and there was even more to learn as she took us through a series of fascinating case studies, historical timelines and theories surrounding Cyrillic typefaces, and the subtleties of their relationship with Latin script.

Wrap Up: Bernard Brechet & Alexandra Korolkova Talks

Michael Chaize and Alexandra Korolkova, Paratype.

Wrap Up: Bernard Brechet & Alexandra Korolkova Talks

Anarchy, Bunker, Ciné 1D. By Bernard Brchet #tptalks16 #typeparis #typeparis16

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Wrap Up: Bernard Brechet & Alexandra Korolkova Talks

Huge thanks as usual to the speakers for sharing with us, to LeTank for hosting us, to the Typofonderie staff for all their hard work setting up and signing everyone in, to Jean François and Véronique for tirelessly organising the event and giving us a reason to be here, to Michaël Chaize for hosting the session, to the livestreamers for their support, and of course to everyone who made it out on the night; we couldn’t do it without you.

— By Dave Coleman.


Bernard Brechet + Alexandra Korolkova replays.
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