Titanesk is based on the shape of the “unsinkable” transatlantic ship from the early 20th century: the Titanic.
While growing up in Normandy I discovered the story of the Titanic through Cherbourg, and I was captivated by the story of the ship from the construction, to the first and final voyage. Since then, I’ve never stopped educating myself on it, and one day, by visiting the official Titanic museum I discovered the different typographic elements that were onboard via various mediums (tickets, menu, currency,…)
I realized that type design was everywhere in this exhibition, so why not create another ? This is how Titanesk was born.
Concerning the composition, the curves and elegance of the interior design of the ship are contrasted by the weight of the industrial movement. From waves to the darkness of the sea, we can discover a huge family from the italic to the ExtraBlack with swashes alternates.
Also, the font relates the spirit of the ship with the serifs, arches, and also the movement of it through the water.
This typeface is also a way to show that the journey is not ended : the unsinkable has become the unforgettable.
During my process I had to do some difficulties to find good balance between the idea and the design. At first, I couldn’t find a good way to express the feeling of elegance while maintaining the size. After all the feedback I finally found a way to not to drown under the pressure to not find my own style with a coherent type. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a classic design or a contemporary one, then after few hours I found the solution: having both!
Staying with the Roman serif form but in a modern way, changing the shape and getting a real personality.
When I started to assume what I was doing, and keep going without blaming myself, it all became easier and my feelings went from drowning like the ship to navigating on the waves of types without any storm… Confidence is important in type design, after all, I’ve not only learned type design during those 6 weeks, I’ve also learned to find myself and stop panicking at the first thing that goes wrong. So, I am proud to show you my first typeface ever, and never forget: “Make things you love.” — Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer (Glyphs)

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