Chocolat is a typeface created during my five weeks at TypeParis.

My process started with calligraphy, in order to understand its shapes and angles by exploring the movements of the pen. After practicing a lot. I started to work with the tracing paper when I refined the letters and its terminals.

It was very challenging to work with this typeface once it consists in a combination of two opposing aspects – a structure and a square-like counter shape, together with a round, soft and fluid outside contour, such as the brush.

Chocolat is an italic, low contrast, with short ascenders and descenders. It is a display typeface used primarily for packaging and logotypes. It has sharp counters and hence it can also be readable at smaller sizes, more suitable for short-from text.

I will keep working on it, creating more alternate characters, ligatures and developing the typeface family. Thanks to everyone involved (atendees, guests and speakers) and a special thanks to Jean François Porchez, Julien Priez, Mathieu Réguer and ‘saint’ Dave Coleman!

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