Girouette typeface family has been designed by Gina Serret originally for the identity of a very special Antiquarian-restaurant in Barcelona. Regarding the style, it is mainly based on ancient references from Parisian/Barcelona’s street and shop signs and rare books printed in France within the 17th and 19th centuries.

Girouette family offers five different styles, with large variations in proportion, contrast and letter shapes. Although they all look pretty different, all five weights are based on the same humanistic skeleton of personal calligraphy. The most opposed fonts of the family are Girouette Regular and Girouette Display.

Girouette Regular could be considered a narrow body text font with some display features such as quite high contrast, sharp and long serifs and peculiar endings in some letterforms. Following its historical references, it has also long ascendants and descendants. On the contrary, Girouette Display is a wide typeface for headers designed with reversed contrast.

Interpolating these two master fonts, three new styles have been created: Girouette Medium, Girouette Semi-Bold and Girouette Bold. And curiously, characteristic high contrast of the two main fonts –masters– almost disappears in the Semi-Black weight.

Related with the Antiquarian-restaurant, whose products have completely different styles, ages and origins; Girouette typeface family finds the way to mix very unlike styles in a same design.

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