Domenico is a typeface with 18th century roots. The text that inspired this design is from Urbino, Italy and published in 1723. The typeface originates from this period’s printing process, which created uneven shapes and vagueness in the letterforms. These details were left up to reinterpretation as new terminals and junctions that give it a unique look and feel.

Nevertheless, Domenico still radiates a historic aspect by keeping close to the original weight distribution and proportions of the text. The resulting form is nostalgic yet contemporary, especially in more expressive characters like the ampersand.

It has distinct qualities, such as classic proportions in regards to the ascender and descender heights. The character set includes long and thin diacritics, since these had an important role in the original language the text was set in. Heavy punctuation can also be found in the set, possibly due to the printing method expanding the ink in small periods and commas.

The family currently includes Regular and Bold weights and shows a preview of what the Italic version will look like. Domenico can be used as a Text typeface, since this is where it originates from, but also as a Display because enlarging these letterforms allows the readers to appreciate the detail and craft.

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