Companion is a friendly serif typeface designed to be used in small sizes, with the intention of setting information in
food labels. The front of packaging is usually heavily designed to attract potential clients. I wanted to give a little care and attention to the information that also takes up a lot of space on the label, set on the side.

There are also more people now interested in the ingredients that goes into the products they use or eat, and majority of these labels are set in sans serif. The thought of creating a different option and seeing an ingredient label set beautifully in a serif typeface led to designing Companion.

Designing in a 2.5cm x 2.5cm grid led to the characteristics of the letter forms. Wide proposition,low contrast and open counters all suitable for small text and optimised legibility. Drawing on a grid could lead to a mechanical feel to the shapes but the letters draw by hand and details like rounded curves gave it warm a personality.

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