Wentworth is a typeface made for readability. Available in three styles: Caption, Text and Display; it is perfect for newspapers, magazines, periodicals and other editorial publications. It has been drawn to suit both print and screen: a reliable workhorse.

I was incredibly honoured to be allowed to return to TypeParis for a second year – huge thanks to Jean François, Veronique, the TP instructors and the students for having me. I was here this year to help out, take some photos and write for the blog. I also got the opportunity to work on my own typeface, and wanted to challenge myself by creating my first text face. It was a big learning curve, and only the very beginning of my journey to discovering more about legibility and readability. A fascinating topic.

Wentworth started slowly, as I wanted to research newspaper types from history and learn what made them work – or not work. This has been as much a research project as a typeface project. I have barely scratched the surface, but I’m enjoying this new angle on type design, and can’t wait to keep exploring after TypeParis.

One day during the program I visited Jean François at his studio, Typofonderie. He hand-picked an array of books all about great typeface designers of the past, particularly those that have had a hand in newspaper type. I learned about Stanley Morrison, Gerard Unger, and even fell in love with Le Monde Journal by jfp himself. These served as an invaluable basis for Wentworth. Jfp told me a little about the different philosophies behind designers from different parts of the world, and the different approaches they take to solving the universal problems that come with printing text at very small sizes on cheap absorbent paper.

My brain has come away from TypeParis very full, and incredibly excited about continuing my journey as a typeface designer.

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