Week #4 Homestretch

At week four we all realized that, once again, the programme was reaching the end. It always goes really fast! Last week was completely focused on production: expanding attendees’ typefaces into a fully fledged family, adding more weight variants like italics or expanding the variations in other ways (proportion of the letter, optical sizes…). Obviously, it was also time to fine tuning all main style typefaces.

For the fifth consecutive year, we had the pleasure to receive Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer and George Seifert, Glyphs core team. They stayed with us all the week, helping the attendees one by one while teaching advanced digital workflow in Glyphs: interpolation and multiple masters, variable fonts, spacing, components, etc.

Furthermore, just in the middle of the week, we had Antonio Cavedoni, coming from Milano, to help us as a guest critic. Antonio reviewed carefully the design of all the type projects following attendees’ briefs, references and goals and giving them fresh feedback.

We have asked some of the attendees about their feelings this fourth week in order to learn more about how they develop themselves within the programme.

“We learn so much every week, it’s insane!”
– Naomi Tirronen

Naomi Tirronen (United States) I absolutely loved time we spent with Antonio Cavedoni and Maria Montes. The 1-on-1 time with Antonio was really uplifting and encouraging –much needed when you’re in the thick of an intense project! Maria’s talk was incredibly inspiring and gave me so much motivation.

Last week was the part of the project where you feel like everything is going wrong. It’s been such an intense course and we’re so close the project, it was hard to see the beauty of our work. We learn so much every week, it’s insane! The biggest thing I learned in week #4 was how adjusting just a few details, 1 or 2 units, can give your typeface more cohesion. It’s an “Aha!” moment every time.

Naomi completely focused on Antonio’s analysis.

“I have been especially grateful for every feedback and words of motivation from fellow participants.”
Trine Gjerde Berg

Trine Gjerde Berg (Norway) I really enjoyed learning useful tricks and shortcuts in Glyphs from Rainer this past week, it was a lot of fun!

Week four was a tough one and a lot of progress had to be made, which had me spend a lot of time being frustrated with my project. Learning to trust the process is always difficult, thus I have been especially grateful for every feedback and words of motivation from fellow participants, teachers and of course our guest critic of the week, Antonio Cavedoni. Antonio openly answered all of our questions and shared a lot if insight from his work in such a way that our spirits were greatly lifted when he left.

“Week #4 was by far the best week for me.”
Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia (Colombia) Week #4 was by far the best week for me. I really enjoyed the TPtalks and found Antonio Cavedoni and Maria Montes to be extremely inspiring, engaging and humble. Their openness to share their process and struggles, energized me to push through the final week.

Having the Glyphs team this week was crucial, as it deepened my knowledge of the program and it resolved many issues I was encountering.

See you for Week #5!

– By Gina Serret

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