Luz is a revival typeface, inspired solely in Bodoni and Didot. A display typeface, meant to be spaced out. Elegant simple and mechanical, Luz is light on the page, light on the spacing, light on the matter. It is quite traditional in terms of being a transitional typeface. Its contrast is not high but not extreme. Thus, it is to be considered in a title rather than a text.

The initial idea of this typeface was to be a companion for Trade Gothic. Luz has an elegant personality revoking on its presiders Didot and Bodoni. The elegance that accompanies this typeface is to be used as an eye engager, inviting the viewer into the page, into the text that will follow it. Colourful, tasteful and at the same time fashionable, carries within its beauty the city it was born in; Paris. An ode to the street I live in: Didot, an ode to my mother, my aunt and my grandmother. Luz, light, lumière, luce, the name of the women that inspired me in multiple levels.

Yet, Luz Regular is not completely finished. It has to be corrected in many levels. Like in life, designing is a process, it can simply not be conceived in such a short time. I learnt a lot about my typeface, it is stubborn and determined; it has a mind of its own. In my head I pictured it a little sharper. It will eventually get there.

It has been a great honour to share this experience with all my classmates and our beloved professors, here at Type@Paris 2015.

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