Adame typeface is a Blend of Tradition and Modernity.
I’m from Mainz, and so grew up with Gutenberg around the corner -- it was normal for me. But as I deep-dived more into the topic of printing and Typografie, I realized how interesting and beautiful his work was.

So, Adame was born from my fascination with the Textura and  the black letter.
Typefaces play a big role in shaping written language and in the beginning of of my research, I realized how much language changed through the years and with this also the written word. 
So I set myself the task of trying to catch the spirt of the old written word and bring it into a modern typeface.
I dove into the world of handwritten manuscripts and studied black letters.
and I did a lot of Calligraphy in the style of the Textura. With this as a base I looked closer into the details. What can I take for my typeface and what is import to see the spirit of the Textura? 

The typeface family currently consists of two styles in different wights.

The first style is the Text typeface. Adame Regular was designed for setting text in small to medium sizes. Perfect can also breathe new flair into old texts.
Adame text is available in different weights: light, regular bold and black. This gives you many possibilities to give the written word a different look. And to show your text in a versatile way. In addition to these weights, there is also an italic.
The bold and black version of the Adame can also be used for display. With the chunky nature and sharpe edges it gives a nice flair to every headline.

At the end of this course I started to explore another side of Adame. Beside the Text typeface it’s shows me that there is more. I begun with a Display version.
This version is also still in a development phase. However, it shows the essence of this historical style in its own way.
With an interpolation between the Adame regular Text and and the Adame Display it opened up the possibility to combine the two. A clear text typeface that has some sparkling and funky influences.

Through Type Paris, I got to know typography on a completely different level. As a graphic designer, I have always enjoyed trying out typography. But now I see it again with completely different eyes. These 6 weeks were really enriching in many ways, but also very intense and incredibly beautiful.

It was a wild ride when I look back now.
I am very grateful for everything I was able to learn and would not want to miss this experience.

I’m leaving Paris with a bunch of paper (especially tracing paper), but much more with a a bunch of answers, letters and new, amazing experiences!

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