Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus is an 8 style display family with the beginnings of an 8 style italic companion. With large open counters, sharp angular terminals and serifs,  It was designed to be utilized in display sizes for editorial but can also be put to work for smaller scales.  Sweet Jesus slowly evolved into a combination of a humanist hand and scotch roman proportions to guide the design into a more modern setting.

This typeface began from a happy accident. During the first week of the program, my calligraphy was written with my left hand which presented interesting results. I managed to form round outlines on the outside with sharp corners within the inside counterforms.  Corners were formed as the direction of the nib changed. I really enjoyed this characteristic and approached my typeface family with this system and other characteristics in mind.

Why Sweet Jesus you ask? Well, if you undergo the TypeParis program, you will have many, many, many moments that force you to say “holy sh*t”, or something to that effect. In this case, “sweet jesus” was the phrase of choice.

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