Binge Watcher

Binge Watcher, a low contrast slab serif, was created to create personable, big, bold messaging. My career experience using type for video and motion design purposes led me to want to create a vertically efficient typeface for punchy two-to-three line messaging. Binge Watcher’s features include a high x-height, compact ascenders and descenders, slightly squarish proportions inspired by Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile. The short ascenders and descenders allow the user to set lines of text closer together, optimizing the vertical dimensions of video’s 16:9 proportion.

Though I first started the design with the regular weight, it was while working on the bold weight that I started to discover its personality – likely due to the fact that the heavier weight was more true to how I saw messaging for video screens working. It also works as a small text in its lighter weights and has relatively open shapes overall.

A future release will involve both lighter weights and black weights. It was interesting to come back to study the subject of type design having had several years of working experience out in the real world.

Though I studied letterform design back in college, by not having actively designed type regularly, I had forgotten a lot since then! Type Paris allowed me the environment for a truly focused mission of living and breathing type.

The intensity of the in-class studio model, the core instructors as well as the frequent visits from guest lecturers and instructors from around the world, and the weekly trips to historical libraries – collectively these components
of the Type Paris program make it thorough, immersive and cultural.

My only regret is that it is now over!

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