Ian Party

Thursday 30 June 2022

c/o Intuit Lab, Batiment B
90 rue Javel, 75015 Paris

On Thursday 30 June 2022: Ian Party will talk about his fabulous recent projects. Facilitator: Gina Serret. This is a linked event, any registration for one of the speakers gives you access to the other talk without additional registration. The TypeParis evening Talks (in english) open its doors at 19:00, Paris.

→ Registration will open on 21 June 2022!


Our free talks open to the public will include two speakers: graphic designer as well as the weekly #typeparis22 international guest critic. The venue is limited to 120 people, after this limit, you will be added to the waiting list, and your entry will not be fully guaranteed. Our Talks will be given in English, no livestream, but available videos at a later date. Being present on the spot is the best way to miss nothing. Meanwhile, as the #tptalks22 are organized in Paris, France, most of attendees will be Parisians. Le Français sera largement employé par les participants lors de l’inscription et des échanges nombreux durant la soirée.


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Ian Party

Ian Party

Critics, Speakers, 2022

He is the founder of Newglyph and had designed the complete typographic catalogue for the foundry. His early typographic work can be defined by such prestigious fonts and projects as TheW, SangBleu, Suisse, Romain, NewParis, Vogue, Esquire, Dubai Public Transportation, The RealReal and eBay. Born in Lausanne in 1977, Ian Party started his professional career as a sign painter, later study graphic design at ECAL, then at the type and media program (KABK). He established Swiss Typefaces in 2005. Winner of the Swiss Design Awards in 2005, and Type Directors Club in 2013.

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Gina Serret

Gina Serret

Facilitators, Instructors, Reporters, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023

Born in Barcelona, Gina Serret is an independent designer, calligrapher and letterer currently based in Paris. In 2011 she received her Master in Advanced Typography at EINA (Barcelona) and later, in 2015, she attended at the first Annual Course of Calligraphy at Visions (Barcelona). Her love to Calligraphy and Lettering brought her to become an independent designer specialized in these disciplines.

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