Week #1 Kickoff

The week and the programme started with a general presentation by the team to the new fifteen attendees. Immediately later, it was the turn for the calligraphy practice. At the inauguration of TypeParis programme, humanist calligraphy and its letterforms serve as a kickoff for the students to understand how physical tools such as a broad-nib pen, the position of the nib on the paper and the proper movements to create the letters (the ductus) affect to letterforms and are directly related to type design. With Jean François Porchezand Mathieu Réguer as core instructors, and Gina Serret as specific calligraphy instructor, the attendees practiced humanist lowercase and roman capitals proportions.

From this calligraphic basis, the attendees switched quickly to large size so as to start redrawing their own letterforms on tracing paper. This technique allows them to explore and to easily reconstruct letter proportion, weight, contrast, type of endings and serifs, etc. thinking global; understanding all the shapes as a unique system. As part of this exploration, attendees worked on the design space as well, trying to reach the letterforms extremes based on the same humanist structure.

Nick Misani visited us on Thursday to deliver a lettering workshop based on the study of letterforms from an old Parisian street sign. He taught attendees the value of historical existing work so as to understand their letterforms and how they interact with each other.

Also in this first week, attendees are asked to start building a brief for their personal typeface project. It will be discussed and refined during the next week.

And last but not least, the fabulous garden party took place. It was a great way to end this first and intense week!

We have asked some of the attendees about their feelings this first week in order to learn more about how they develop themselves within the programme.

“I’m really surprised by what we have managed to accomplish in such short time.”
– Shreya Hariharan

Shreya Hariharan (India) The TypeParis journey has been incredible so far. For someone who is a beginner in type design, there was a lot of new information to absorb. But I’m really surprised by what we have managed to accomplish in such short time.

I enjoyed Nick Misani’s workshop as well. That along with the TP Talks were a welcome break after an intense couple of days.

The garden party was a wonderful way to end the week. It helped us all get to know each other a little better. We also got to hang out with the previous year’s attendees and dance away with JFP! ;)

Shreya’s enjoying the TypeParis garden party.

“I found myself to be in the right place to discover more about typefaces.”
– Ana Michel

Ana Michel (Bolivia) During the first week, I have enjoyed meeting people and teachers from a variety of backgrounds, all of them have a different point of view and style when it comes to type design, which I believe is an enrichment experience. Learning the basics of letterforms in a deeply level is the best part of the first week, specially because of the facilitators, always willing to guide us.

I felt really comfortable and anxious to learn more. I found myself to be in the right place to discover more about typefaces, mostly because of the friendly and encouraging environment between us.

Ana and her sister having fun with all the other attendees in the garden party.

See you for Week #2!

– By Gina Serret

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