Nick Misani

Critics, Speakers, 2019

Nick Misani is a freelance designer specializing in illustrative lettering with a historical flair. Born in Milan, he relocated to New York City and obtained an MFA in Communications Design from The Pratt Institute. Upon graduating, he worked at Mucca Design, Penguin Random House, and eventually Louise Fili Ltd, where he was the senior designer. Louise’s mentorship became a turning point in Nick’s career, allowing him to discover a passion for elegant letterforms and design history—particularly Art Deco typography and pattern. Nick is especially interested in the intersection between interior design, typography, and decorative arts, which he explores in his personal projects. The most recent of these, Fauxsaics, has been recognized internationally, appearing in publications—both online and in print—around the world.

Nick was was named a Young Gun by the Art Directors Club, and most recently an Ascender by the Type Directors Club. His work has been featured by the AIGA, How Magazine, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, Adobe, and Wired among others. Over the years, he’s had the pleasure of working with clients including Apple, Target, Pepsi, Airbnb, Penguin Radom House, Simon & Schuster, Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Talk → Thursday 13 June 2019