Ome is a contemporary humanistic font family. The name Ome means “grandmother” in latvian. In my brief I wanted to create a typeface for my grandmothers gravestone.

The main inspiration for my project was Trajan Inscriptions. When I started working on my letterforms, I didn’t have any references for lowercase letters, so I returned to my own calligraphic letter forms from our first week of TypeParis.

My research continued with how light visually effects carved letter forms, subtracting and altering them drastically. When I started to work on my Regular style I tried to replicate the same effect with my drawings to achieve the right weight proportions. Also, I choose to shorten the serif lengths to give the typeface a more unique character.

Ome typeface family comes in four weight styles and one display. It has sharp, pointy serifs, light curves and high contract connections.

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