Immoment was the result of an exercise in creating a contemporary serif typeface, and pays homage to the rich historical heritage of the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, renowned for its remarkable collection of gravestones and mausoleums.

The typeface captures the timeless essence of the inscriptions found on the weathered gravestones, reflecting the craftsmanship and reverence of the past, while evolving into something more contemporary through experimentation with stroke endings and sharp serifs. This typeface embodies a fascinating juxtaposition, where the weight of history coexists with the meaning of its name, which denotes unimportance. 

Immoment's significance extends beyond its historical inspiration. Its name signifies that the final outcome was not the primary intention of its creation. Instead, the true essence lies in the transformative process that created it—a journey of exploration and learning within the TypeParis program.

Immoment embraces the notion that the creative process itself holds immense value. It celebrates the dedication, collaboration, and experimentation that transpired throughout the program, allowing the typeface to evolve. The unimportance of the final outcome becomes a testament to the profound importance of the design process—the challenges faced, the knowledge gained, and the personal growth experienced in its creation.

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