Gauguin is a typeface that draws attention from rounded and quirky typefaces from the early 1900s such as Windsor, Clearface, and Souvenir. The most interesting thing about these typefaces is how different their bolder weights feel compared to their lighter ones; they almost look like two different faces. This is where everything started: a round typeface with two extremes weights.

Gauguin features an oblique axis, ball terminals, wide proportions with big, bold serifs through all weights. In order to run away from the cartoonish aesthetic from the previously named typefaces, Gauguin has some delicate endings in the tails of the letters, particularly noticeable in the R and K.

The boldest weight has wide proportions making it great for display usage, while its lightest weight, with very low contrast, can be used for longer bodies of text. Taking into consideration the width of the typeface, the family also comes with a condensed version.

Currently it features a caps stylistic set, arrows, oldstyle and lining figures, to fit all the basic needs. The family comes in 5 weights with it’s matching condensed version.

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