Ambulante was inspired by the vernacular of old bus signs in Chile. It is a 4 style family born from the brush. This typeface evolved from closely studying these obsolete bus signs and filtering through a variety of styles and shapes, to find a system that evoked the brush and the fluidity of its shapes. The research was followed by an exercise of drawing letters with different tools, to find an adequate style that related to the style used on the bus signs. As a result the presence of the brush is evident in the terminals of the typeface and the fluidity of the stems and it is contrasted by the sharp edges in the counters.

Ambulante was designed as a memorabilia piece, to preserve the history of a cultural vernacular that once helped a population navigate the city. The calligraphic styles in this typeface family are contrasted by a sans serif bold all caps style, with small counters and angled corners; honoring the mix of styles present on the bus signs. Ambuante family typeface was designed to be used on posters and in large sizes.

The name Ambulante means to move from one place to another, without staying fixed in one place for a long time. This word represents constant motion and it relates to the life that these bus signs live.

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