Bernard Brechet

Speakers, 2016

I’m 48 years old, live in Paris and have been working for Gedeon for the last 20 years.
I was born into a family of farmers in a tiny village, in Anjou, west of France.
I studied graphic design at l’Ecole Estienne, in Paris, and got my degree in 1991.
I worked in various fields at the beginning of my career: corporate and cultural design.
(I had a great experience once in India. We had to work on a holy day to get the job done. We had to silkscreen-print and bind rather complicated leaflets for a local theater production about gypsies and had to chant pudjas to peace the gods… The experience really tought me the meaning of “working together”.)

I co-founded two hot-shops before I started to work in tv.
I started as a free-lance for Gedeon in 1995, became creative director in 1997, and partner in 2002.
I was involved in all the major projects of the agency, in France and abroad (Germany, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Brazil…), whether it is broadcast design, branding, or communication.

I’m interested in simple ideas that seem so obvious that they are already in the brief, however no one notices them.
Creating good, simple and beautiful solutions that make sense. I’m fed up with loud, useless and vulgar images.

Talk → Wednesday 13 July 2016