The interlacing of the body and the city, the interlacing of major and minor

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In context of large cities questioning the possibility of entrusting independent graphic designers to design their identities, regions and territories institutions who collaborate with designers, we can observe how in city space, art meet design: anti-feminicide collages, non-profit organisations actions in the wake of Act Up. We need to rethink the position of graphic designers in the society.
Frequently described “art mineur”, graphic design in space arises today as a powerful possibility to increase the scope of signs and design. Born in the wake of graphic art, advertising, poster design, commercial sign painting, it is now tarnished by the image of an “art mineur” subject to commercial instrumentalization (advertising) or simple function (signage). This stigmatizing and devalued vision is all the more damaging as this precious public commission and support for graphic design commissions is gradually disappearing. In this context, it is more necessary than ever to open up various spheres of graphic design.
Future generation of graphic designers will have to adapt to the market and seize the orders reserved for major accounts, to re-infuse intelligence, finesse, meaning and ethics. Echoing François Rabelais, “si les signes vous fâchent, Ô quand vous fâcheront les choses signifiées!”*, carry the commitment through an embodied, committed, and large-scale practice.
* Approximative translation in English: ”if the signs annoy you, O when you will annoy the things meant!”


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Atelier Baudelaire is a research and creative studio led by Camille Baudelaire and Olivia Grandperrin, linking graphic design and volume, culture and innovation. The studio works with institutions, artists, and businesses in creating custom identities, editions, signage, objects, and spaces. Atelier Baudelaire pushes traditional boundaries within graphic design delivering excellence and commitment, while offering an innovative and flexible model: it values the work of female designers, promotes interdisciplinary practices and collective intelligence.

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