Élise Muchir, Franklin Desclouds

Speakers, 2016

Élise Muchir and Franklin Desclouds met during their graphic design and multimedia studies at École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris. Their common and complementary sensibilities led them to co-found the graphic studio Des Signes in 2003.

Firmly convinced of the link between graphic design and art, Des Signes projects, year after year, convey a specific aesthetic: constructions, vibration of frames and typographics, playing with opacity, colors and transparency, and overlay stratifications. Typography became an essential creative vector for the studio, and is worked as a noble material, constantly interrogated at different scales, and taking several tones.

Through the themes they encounter and the inspirations they create, their approach can be seen as global design, through analysis, in line with their own aesthetic aspirations and clients visions. Élise Muchir and Franklin Desclouds treats the relationship with the client as a collaborative one, allowing them to refine and work each piece of design they build.

Today, after almost 15 years of existence, the studio has developed many projects, most belonging to the public domain. Creating visual identities for signalling systems, through the poster compositions, publishing and website, the studio Des Signes also works with brands and foundations.

Their work has been shown in exhibits and events such as the “Fête du Graphisme” in 2016, “Air poster” in 2014 and 2016 “Visions” Hong Long in 2014, “Le mois du graphisme”” in Échirolles in 2015 and “Graphisme contemporain et Patrimoine” at the Bibiothèque nationale de France (BNF) in 2013. Their designs are regularly rewarded with international awards such as the German Design Awards, Laus Awards, European Design Awards, Graphis etc. Their projects have been published in publications and magazines such as Novum, Slanted, Étapes:, IdN, Graphis, Connaissance des Arts and Intramuros.

Talk → Wednesday 22 June 2016