François Morel

Speakers, 2017

François Morel was born in 1974 in Paris. After studying fine arts and art history, he started a “self made” graphic designer career in 1997. Since then he has been mainly working for the music industry (Virgin Music, Universal Music, Emi Music…) designing record artworks, logos, etc. Since his teenage years doing illegal graffiti to the mid 90s when he started to spread visual propositions represented by words and statements in the urban space (posters, stickers, stencil…), his interest for type and lettering never stopped to grow.

Definitely obsessed by sign painting since his childhood, he collect old books and documents about this lost art. Later he learnt the techniques to become a full time sign painter. Finding the right balance between the use of the “hand made” traditional techniques and nowdays computerized world is an everyday challenge François likes to struggle with.

Talk → Tuesday 20 June 2017