Geoffrey Dorne

Facilitators, 2015, 2016

Geoffrey Dorne studied digital & graphic design and graduated from Ensad in 2009. He is a design thinker and founded his own independant design company. Design & Human is a design firm with a human basis approach, to help conceiving interfaces, products, services, identities and, in general, any kind of contemporary forms expression. Design & Human helps NGOs, companies, start-ups, associations and the public sector to innovate through a radical vision, both ethical and human. Geoffrey is working on digital and printed projects for the Mozilla Foundation, the Wikimedia Foundation, as well as on cultural projects. Geoffrey is particularly interested in concepts, metaphors and user experience. Since 2010, Geoffrey has also been a design researcher at EnsadLab Paris and worked on a research project called Neen focusing on emotions and phatic, non-verbal and gestural communication. He also lectures and give workshops in various design schools in France.

Facilitator → Wednesday 29 June 2016

Facilitator → Wednesday 8 July 2015