Unlocking the Power of Typefaces in Branding

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Do you want to see how to create unique brands using typefaces in different and creative ways? Our team of designers works hand-in-hand with typographers around the world to create custom fonts and modify existing ones to add a sense of uniqueness and creativity to our projects. At Mucho, we believe in the power of typography as a key differential element in our projects. At Mucho, we firmly believe that the best results come from collective intelligence. That’s why we team up with typographers, combining their expertise to create exceptional designs that truly stand out.


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Tilman is a specialist in finding the meaning of companies and institutions and transforming it into direct communication creating unique brands. For this, knowing and working with the client in a team is essential “to get it right the first time.” He is a strong believer in sharing knowledge through different platforms such as the Master “Postgrafica” which he co-direct with Marc Català or the “WHY TALKS, where the speakers listen” which he organizes since 2016 at the Soho House Barcelona and the OFFF Festival Barcelona.

Tilman has been sharing his voice as Mucho’s third partner since September 2010. Tilman has been teaching Design and Branding in different Universities since 2010 and has given master classes and conferences in Barcelona, Stavanger, Torino, Ciudad de México, Fortaleza, Antwerp, Qatar, Oslo, Bergen, London, Cincinnati, Bratislava, Madrid, Vienna…

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Join us on 3 June 2023 to listen to international speakers representing various spheres of the world of typography and design.

Our conference (in English) brings together typography enthusiasts, graphic designers, art directors and type designers. We seek to explain how typography has a visible impact on the world around us. Come to Paris to attend talks by international speakers around graphic design, web design, motion design, publishing, visual identity, communication and type design. It is important to create platforms to let various universes communicate about their love of typography in their everyday practise.

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