Mirabelle is a serif typeface family available in five weights designed for use in food packaging and branding in mind. Inspired by ultra-bold typefaces from the early 1900s, Mirabelle is a soft and bouncy modern interpretation that retains a structured rhythm to ensure legibility even at smaller sizes, as it is intended for handheld products. The name Mirabelle comes from the Mirabelle plum – very fitting as I initially created the brief for my typeface to brand a line of fruit jams, spices and compotes.

It features rounded corners on the serifs and organic shapes on the drop terminals and flared outstrokes, which add a syrupy warmth and familiarity to the text. Complimentary swash caps are included to spice things up when needed. The main black weight is best set in short lines of text, and the short descenders and ascenders help with stacking closely together. The scrumptious bold weight packs a potent sweet punch, while the lighter weights provide a range of different flavors to suit a variety of palates.

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